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I was shopping for a project tomorrow and saw walmart how to save money fast had driscoll strawberries. I bought 2 of those large containers – rich, red, juicy looking. All ready for the smoothie blender to arrive. I have to go back to store in early AM how to save money fast so will get the OJ, (I use plain, greek yogurt 2 %), some bananas, and whatever else I can see to add. Thank you also for including the things you put in how to save money fast your smoothies. Do you ever add a cube or two of ice? And will the blender work with that? Also, I didn’t see one but can I order another

Your mention of a new mattress reminds me, I should turn mine tonight. I have one of those walmart foam mattresses. It does compress and after a few nights you find how to save money fast you are sleeping uphill or downhill, depending on which side you are positioned. When I do the laundry, as I put the fitted sheets on, I then flip the mattress around to even out the how to save money fast hills and compressed areas. I do sleep well on it. Of course, with 2 cats hogging much of the bed’s real estate (a twin bed), I do have some trouble getting to sleep. It’s quiet then until about 3AM when the younger one how to save money fast wakes and starts a play fight with the older one how to save money fast who, like me, just wants to sleep. I woke this AM and they were missing as usual.

I missed your reply to my message above. I bought a 4-banana bunch, alarge container of driscoll strawberries, a small container of blueberries, a quart of homestyle OJ with pulp, and a qt of amond milk, original flavor. Having not noted a specific “recipe” from you, I put in the entire banana sliced thin, about 5 red berries (huge ones) sliced, 15 or so blue berries, then added a generous am’t of almond milk and hit the “lights, camera, action” button!!! So quick and so much goodness. You’re right, no recipe needed. Just a power source. I’d like to do some “green” ones – leafy things, you know. All kinds of goodness.

That means you will be more rested when you do how to save money fast sit down to blog and bring so much joy, caring, beauty and fun to us out here in bloggerino land how to save money fast as well as providing a “family room” for all of us to touch bases with one another how to save money fast to share stories, laughter and most importantly, comfort and security to those in need of same. So rest up, shop the thrift store so y ou can entertain us how to save money fast with your deocrating talents as well as a nose for how to save money fast super bargains. Much love to the boys from me (the kitties here gave that a pass 😊)

After I read your other response about smoothies, (and I had already made mine soon as I got how to save money fast home from store and had everything washed up) I popped everything into the freezer. Then I sat down to read my new book so how to save money fast as not to cause any sweating in the miserable heat. I have a great tendency to suffer from heat exhaustion how to save money fast quite easily so I’m pretty careful. Well, I’m “thirsty” again. Grabbed the blender jar, got all the ingredients ready and buzzzzzzzz, another tasty concoction. Cold but not yet beginning to freeze almond milk (silk brand), some chopped pecans and one pkt of instant coffee and how to save money fast about 1 scant tsp granulated domino sugar. Just so tasty.

Sue, you just may have created a smoothie monster. I can’t wait for fresh peaches and some almond mild. Perhaps some ice cream. However, I have to say, while travelling I won’t be able to keep fruit frozen. I will save that tip for when I am at how to save money fast my daughter’s and for when I get back home later on. But this is just so great. In this heat/humidity, I really don’t feel like eating. Why, I could even make cold soup smoothies – like a kind of fun gazpacho.

A blender/drink container, the blender blade lid and the drinking lid with a how to save money fast port where you put your mouth (sorry) and on top of that sipping lid is a flap how to save money fast (don’t know what else to call it) that comes down and goes into the sipping port to how to save money fast keep it from spilling and here in the wicked bug-infested southland, keeps bugs out. The part that is supposed to actually fit into the how to save money fast sipping port doesn’t fit snuggly and when I’ve tipped the bottle to give it a shake, it really does leak from where you sip from. I hope that is clear – I’m not so good with technical explanations.