A questionable how to save money fast for a house client

The electric bulbs blinked and faded. Magic flooded the world in a silent rush, smothering technology. Twisted tubes of feylanterns ignited with pale blue on the how to save money fast for a house walls as the charged air inside them interacted with magic. A nauseating stench, reminiscent of a couple of pounds of shrimp left in how to save money fast for a house the sun for a week, erupted from my boots. There were collective grunts of “ugh” and “oh god,” and then everybody decided to give me lots of personal how to save money fast for a house space.

Usually the words “gig ticket” made my eyes light up. I needed money. I always needed money. The guild zoned the jobs, meaning that each merc had his own territory. If a job fell in your territory, it was legitimately yours. My territory was near savannah, basically in the sparsely populated middle of nowhere, and good gigs didn’t come my way too often. The only reason I ended up in atlanta this time how to save money fast for a house was that my part-time partner in crime, jim, needed help clearing a pack of grave-digging leucrocottas from westview cemetery. He’d cut me in on his gig.

When I rode into atlanta, the magic was down, so I had taken betsi, my old dented subaru. With magic wave in full swing, my gasoline-guzzling car was about as mobile as a car-size rock, but since I was technically doing the guild a favor, the clerk provided me with a spare mount. Her name was peggy, and judging by the wear on her incisors, she’d started her third decade some years ago. Her muzzle had gone grey, her tail and mane had thinned to stringy tendrils, and she moved with ponderous slowness. I’d ridden her for the first fifteen minutes, listening to her sigh, and then guilt got the better of me, and I decided to walk the rest of the way. I didn’t have to go far. According to the directions, champion heights was only a couple miles away. An extra ten minutes wouldn’t make that much difference.

Around me a broken city struggled to shrug off winter, fighting the assault of another cold february night. Husks of once mighty skyscrapers stabbed through the melting snowdrifts how to save money fast for a house encrusted with dark ice. Magic loved to feed on anything technologically complex, but tall office towers proved particularly susceptible to magic-induced erosion. Within a couple of years of the first magic wave how to save money fast for a house they shuddered, crumbled, and fell one by one, like giants on sand legs, spilling mountains of broken glass and twisted guts of metal how to save money fast for a house framework onto the streets.

The city grew around the high-tech corpses. Stalls and small shops took the place of swanky coffee how to save money fast for a house joints and boutiques. Wood and brick houses, built by hand and no taller than four floors high, replaced the high rises. Busy streets, once filled with cars and busses, now channeled a flood of horses, mules, and camels. During rush hour the stench alone put hair on your how to save money fast for a house chest. But now, with the last of the sunset dying slowly above the how to save money fast for a house horizon, the city lay empty. Anyone with a crumb of sense hurried home. The night belonged to monsters, and monsters were always hungry.

We picked our way through buckhead, peggy’s hooves making loud clopping noises in the twilight silence how to save money fast for a house of the deserted streets. The night worried me little. I looked too poor and too mean to provide easy how to save money fast for a house pickings and nobody in their right mind would try to how to save money fast for a house steal peggy. Unless a gang of soap-making bandits lurked about, we were safe enough. I checked the address again. Smack in the middle of buckhead. The clerk said I couldn’t miss it. Pretty much a guarantee I’d get lost.

Finally we landed in a vast parking lot, empty, save for a row of cars near the front. Grey volvo, black cadillac, even a sleek gunmetal lamborghini. Most vehicles sported a bloated hood – built to accommodate a charged water engine. The water-engine cars functioned during magic waves by using magic-infused water instead of gasoline. Unfortunately, they took a good fifteen minutes of hard chanting to how to save money fast for a house start and when they did spring into action, they attained a maximum speed of forty-five miles per hour while growling, snarling, and thundering loud enough to force a deaf man to how to save money fast for a house file a noise complaint.

The stairs brought me to the glass-and-steel front of the building. The same haze that cloaked the building clouded the glass, but not enough to obscure a thick metal grate barring how to save money fast for a house the vestibule. Beyond the grate, a guard sat behind a round counter, between an uzi and a crossbow. The uzi looked well maintained. The crossbow bore the hawkeye logo on its stock – a round bird-of-prey eye with a golden iris – which meant its prong was steel and not cheap aluminum. Probably upward of two hundred pounds of draw weight. At this distance, it would take out a rhino, let alone me.

I slid the dead bolt shut and turned. I stood in a huge living room, big enough to contain most of my house. A marble counter ran along the wall on my left, sheltering a bar with glass shelves offering everything from bombay how to save money fast for a house sapphire to french wines. A large steel fridge sat behind the bar. White, criminally plush carpet, black walls, steel and glass furniture, and beyond it all an enormous floor to ceiling window, presenting the vista of the ruined city, a deep darkness, lit here and there by the pale blue of fey how to save money fast for a house lanterns.

His body stretched, twisted, and snapped into a new shape: lean, with crisp definition. His jaw widened, his eyes grew larger, his nose gained a sharp cut. Cornsilk blond hair sprouted on his head and reached down how to save money fast for a house to his shoulders. Indigo flooded his irises. A new man looked at me, younger by about five years, taller, leaner, with a face that was heartbreakingly perfect. Above his waist, he was adonis. Below his ribs, his body degenerated into a bloated stomach. He looked pregnant.

“you’re a most peculiar woman. No, I’m most definitely not pregnant. I’m male, and while I may construct a vaginal canal and a how to save money fast for a house uterus on occasion, I’ve never had cause to recreate ovaries. And if I did, I suspect they would be sterile. Unlike the male of the species, women produce all of their gametes during gestation, meaning that when a female infant is born, she will have in her ovaries all of the partially how to save money fast for a house developed eggs she will ever have. The ovaries cannot facilitate production of new eggs, only the maturation of existing ones. The magic is simply not deep enough for me to how to save money fast for a house overcome this hurdle. Not yet.”

Someone had poured blood under this endar’s oak. The creature had absorbed it and the blood had driven how to save money fast for a house it crazy. It had burrowed to the surface, where it swarmed with its fellows. Then the same someone, armed with a hell of a lot of magic, had herded this endar and its buddies to this highrise how to save money fast for a house and released them into the ventilation system so they would how to save money fast for a house find saiman and rip him apart. They couldn’t be frightened off. They couldn’t be stopped. They would kill anything with a pulse to get to how to save money fast for a house their target and when the target was dead, they would have to be eliminated. There was no coming back from endar madness.

“the volhvs are bad news for a number of reasons. They serve pagan slavic gods, and they have thousands of years of magic tradition to how to save money fast for a house draw on. They’re at least as powerful as druids, but unlike druids, who are afraid to sneeze the wrong way or someone how to save money fast for a house might accuse them of bringing back human sacrifices, the volhvs don’t give a damn. They won’t stop either. They don’t like using the endars, because the endars nourish the forest with their magic. Whatever you did really pissed them off.”

“you can file a complaint, if you survive. You’re putting both of us in danger by withholding information. See, if I walk, I just miss out on some money; you lose your life. I have no problem with leaving you here and the how to save money fast for a house guild can stick its thumb up its ass and twirl how to save money fast for a house for all I care. The only thing that keeps me protecting you is professional how to save money fast for a house pride. I hate bodyguard detail, but I’m good at it, and I don’t like to lose a body. It’s in your best interests to help me do my how to save money fast for a house job. Now, I’ll count to three. On three I drop fluffy here and let it go how to save money fast for a house to town on your gut. He really wants whatever you’re hiding in there.”

I nodded. “it’s a mythical island far in the ocean, behind the hvalynskii sea. It’s a place of deep magic where a number of how to save money fast for a house legendary creatures and items are located: alatyr, the father of all stones; the fiery pillar; the drevo-doob, the world oak; the cave where the legendary sword kladenets is hidden; the raven prophet, and so on. It’s the discount warehouse of russian legends. Any time the folkloric heroes needed a magic object, they made a trip to it.”

Saiman grimaced. “the acorn makes it difficult to control my magic. It forces me to continuously change shape. Most of the time I’m able to keep the changes subtle, but once in a while the acorn causes contortions. Gina castor walked in on me during such a moment. I’m afraid I was convulsing, so my recollection may be somewhat murky, but I do believe I had at least one partially how to save money fast for a house formed breast and three arms. She overreacted. Odd, considering her profile.”

“all that for the price of having sex with me. I would even sweeten the deal by assuming a shape how to save money fast for a house preferable to you. Anyone you want. Any shape, any size, any color, any gender. All in total confidentiality. Nobody ever has to know you were here. The offer is on the table.” he placed his hand on the counter, palm down. “right now. I promise you a week of total bliss – assuming we survive. You’ll never get another chance to be this pampered. All I need from you is one word.”

A colossal oak stood in the middle of the roof, as tall as the building itself, its roots spilling on both sided of the high rise. Tiny lights fluttered between its branches – each wavy leaf as big as my head. Birds sang in the foliage. A huge metal chain bound the enormous trunk, its links so thick, I could’ve laid down on it. A feeling of complete peace came over me. All my troubles melted into distance. My pain dissolved. The air tasted sweet and I drank it in.

In the morning peters came to relieve me. Not that he had a particularly difficult job. After the oak disappeared, the volhvs decided that since both pavel and evgenii were how to save money fast for a house dead, all accounts were settled and it was time to call how to save money fast for a house it quits. As soon as we returned to the apartment, saiman locked himself in the bedroom and refused to come how to save money fast for a house out. The loss of the acorn hit him pretty hard. Just as well. I handed my fussy client off to peters, retrieved peggy, and headed back to the guild.

Kate can’t bear to watch innocents suffer, but the solution she and curran have found threatens to how to save money fast for a house be even more painful. The european shapeshifters who once outmaneuvered the beast lord have how to save money fast for a house asked him to arbitrate a dispute—and they’ll pay him in medicine. With the young people’s survival and the pack’s future at stake, kate and curran know they must accept the offer—but they have little doubt that they’re heading straight into a trap… read an excerpt