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The story of julia in the imagination of an ordinary how to save a lot of money fast person does not fit. A rich family who wanted to have many children and how to save a lot of money fast did everything for this purpose. Four children were born by the woman herself, seven by the surrogate mothers. Together with the children, they move from country to country, rent expensive homes, help their children to take care of the nannies. But for some reason, mother of many children in georgia is flying alone with how to save a lot of money fast her children, half of which are not even two years old. Finally, she is accused of selling babies. Photo: video frame TSN. Tench

After the birth of three children, all subsequent pregnancies in julia were prematurely interrupted. After a year and a half of unsuccessful attempts, the husband himself offered to use the services of surrogate how to save a lot of money fast mothers. Everything was formalized in kiev: the findings of doctors about infertility, the agency that seeks for women and signs contracts with how to save a lot of money fast them, and artificial insemination. The children of the suslyak family were hatched by seven how to save a lot of money fast women at once. Why so much – both the doctors and the family themselves explain: during fertilization, the 7 embryos came out right away? And each of them the family gave a chance. After all, no one gave a guarantee that all seven would be how to save a lot of money fast born. And they were born. During the year, all seven.

In moscow, the family removes a large estate. And in it, according to mother yury, there was a big tragedy. Babies bathed in the bathroom, nine-month sawa slipped and choked with water. They could not save him. Georgian investigators in this version of the death of a how to save a lot of money fast child do not believe. They were given a death certificate, a photo of the grave, and they insist that the boy was the first person how to save a lot of money fast the couple had already sold to the organs.

Yulia’s mother lives in khmelnitsky and for more than 30 how to save a lot of money fast years she works as a music teacher. Irina, like her matchmaker, in ukraine often helped to care for children. The arrest of his daughter in georgia and the accusations how to save a lot of money fast of trafficking in children calls horror. He admits that the situation when, in one year, seven children are born in one family at once, is strange. But the circumstances were like this – the family simply went towards its goal.

In russia, the family lived for about a year, violated the migration regime and was forced to leave. They chose sukhumi in abkhazia, where my father has a friend. Yuri first went from sochi, and thus violated the georgian law on the occupied territories. For this he faces 4, the prison. And julia and the children chose the legal route – they flew from moscow to tbilisi on april 8. Then we went to zugdidi, near the border with abkhazia. According to the family plan, the paperwork was to take a day or two. The procedure stretched as much as ten. And already at the border, with all exit permits, julia was interrogated for 9 hours. All this time, the children were without a mother in a rented minibus. In the end, they were not allowed into the occupied territory.

“the child got hysterical, julia went to other children. If you respond to each tantrum when the child falls how to save a lot of money fast to the floor, it will be an endless tantrum. She entered the ward and asked the nurse to leave. It is like a bad dream. Like a horror movie that happens in reality. We were charged, namely my wife, that we bought all our 11 children. That is, we 11 years ago bought our eldest daughter, 6 years ago bought our eldest son, 4,5 years ago, we bought sophia, our third child, and then we bought and bought … ”, says yuri. Photo: video frame TSN. Tench