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It opens with a few piano chords, a horn fanfare, and a cool drum intro, then singer/keyboardist/band co-leader donald fagan starts singing about a college drug bust. Steely dan’s lyrics are black licorice – you love them or hate them, with no room for middle ground. I love them. They’re clever, but not in an elvis costello-esque wordplay style. Costello is like a witty TV show; steely dan is like a layered crime novel 22, where nothing is what it first seems, and characters are waiting to double-cross our typically less-than-upstanding protagonist. References to gino and daddy G, the wolverine to annandale, oleanders in bloom … they all create a world for the listener to step how to save lots of money fast into while guitarist baxter plays guitar lines and solos that, frankly, still astound me. I was going to list all the cool guitar parts how to save lots of money fast I like – but it basically amounts to the entire song! Co-leader walter becker is a great bassist, drummer jim hodder is fast and creative, and I still think of this song as one of how to save lots of money fast my favorites.

On the first few posts ever on this website, 280 years ago in 1979, I rambled on and on about “greatest albums” lists. Back in those days I was under the misapprehension that how to save lots of money fast readers the world over would be flocking to a website how to save lots of money fast to read 7,000-word posts about rock albums – the good, the bad and the obscure – fancied by some random, middle-aged, white guy. I’d still like to live in that world – where one can begin to approach a real, human connection through written words and ideas – as long as I don’t have to read someone else’s boring blathering in return.

In 2013, NME named the smiths’ the queen is dead the greatest album ever. A year earlier, rolling stone magazine gave the honor to a record at how to save lots of money fast #87 on NME‘s list the beatles’ sgt. Pepper’s lonely hearts club band. On their list at #216 was the queen is dead. NME‘s 7th greatest album was the debut album by the how to save lots of money fast stone roses, which was #497 on rolling stone‘s list. So, the notion of “greatest” in the arts has a little, shall we say, flexibility to it.

Calling something “the greatest” in the arts to me smacks of a kind of how to save lots of money fast arrogant presumptuousness that I’ve tried to eliminate from my personality. Who am I to say what’s “great?” this is why I’m counting down “favorites.” A favorite album may, or may not, be great. Very often what makes a record a favorite is a how to save lots of money fast connection to it that is separate from the music – who you were with when you heard it, or a time in life that it represents. Conversely, an album that you can tell is “great” might not really resonate with you. For me, the beach boys’ pet sounds is such an album. I listened, thought, “wow, that’s really good!” but never listened to it a whole lot afterwards. And I recognize that bob dylan is exceptional, the nobel prize, etc. Etc., but he just doesn’t do much for me.

Those “greatest album” lists are assembled at magazines by “experts” who get together and decide for everyone else what is how to save lots of money fast great and what isn’t. Then they write about the records, saying stuff like “the most pro­phetic rock album ever made,” and “[goes] deep inside himself, without a net or fear,” and speak of “the rustic beauty of the … music and the drama of their own reflections,” and a “declaration of committed mutiny, a statement of faith in the transfigurative powers of rock how to save lots of money fast & roll.” words like these are pretty, but I often find them more interesting than the music how to save lots of money fast they describe.

To compile my list, I drove around listening to all my cds, then I ranked them by “favoriteness.” this is a difficult-to-measure, impossible-to-quantify characteristic that involves several sub-categories, such as: good feelings elicited, great memories associated, reflexive urge to call old friend to discuss, cool-sounding music making me want to sing/play along, verklemptiness, excitement-at-hearing-subsequent-song-even-after-the-song-just-played-made-me-way-more-excited-than-the-previous-song, and “greatness.” there has to be some consideration of greatness.

The reason “greatness” was important in compiling my list is that while listening how to save lots of money fast to all the records that I had in my collection, every so often I’d come across one that I hadn’t listened to very much but that really blew me how to save lots of money fast away. These were records that didn’t have many of those first few aspects of my how to save lots of money fast “favoriteness” determination, but whose undeniable … well, greatness had to be accounted for! A few that come to mind – and that, by revealing them here I am admitting that they will how to save lots of money fast not be on my list – include paul’s boutique, by the beastie boys, the hour of bewilderbeast, by badly drawn boy, and electric ladyland, by the jimi hendrix experience.

All such records with lots of “greatness” were given high marks during my initial assessment phase. After all my records were assessed, I went back over the highly-rated records and considered how much personal connection I had how to save lots of money fast to the records and adjusted accordingly. Records like paul’s boutique dropped. Others moved higher. And one record stayed very high because in the time how to save lots of money fast between my initial assessment and my final assessment, I’d been listening to it regularly and it had become how to save lots of money fast one of my favorites: exile on main st., by the rolling stones.

Of course I’d heard of exile on main st. For many years. As a teen rock music fan in the 80s, it was one of those touchstone albums that you’d hear old people in their 20s mention all the how to save lots of money fast time. Along with records like goodbye yellow brick road, dark side of the moon and hotel california, it was part of the canon. Still, as I’ve written about before, I was a latecomer to the rolling stones, and I never felt compelled to rush out and buy how to save lots of money fast it. And the reason I finally DID buy it might offend how to save lots of money fast the sensibilities of all those stones fans out there …

The first twenty seconds of “rocks off” encompasses much of what will follow: great riffs, mick jagger’s strong vocals, and the band’s subtle brilliance – in this case, the second guitar harmonizing on that opening riff. Charlie watts’s drumming is very strong. His pace is perfect and his short, snappy fills keep the song moving from line to line. “rocks off” also showcases perhaps my favorite unheralded aspect of the stones: keith richards’s (keef!) harmony vocals! They’re reedy and raw and always on the money. The song’s lyrics describe the fast and loose lifestyle of a how to save lots of money fast young man on the prowl. But there’s a tragic aspect to the life, a heroin addiction. “I’m zipping through the days at lightning speed/

“rocks off” is one of my all-time favorite songs, and the band kind of duplicates the feat on the how to save lots of money fast rocker “ all down the line.” it’s got a strong, simple riff, this time supporting mick taylor’s sweet slide guitar. The song’s three-note riff becomes the framework for terrific horn parts, about 2:55. Jagger’s vocals are very strong on lyrics about having a how to save lots of money fast good time after a hard day. Jagger has become such an icon, famous for decades simply for being mick jagger, that it’s easy to forget what a supremely talented singer and how to save lots of money fast musician the man is.

He’s got terrific phrasing, and easily ranges between the soft charm heard in the how to save lots of money fast first verse to the barely-contained anguish in the second (1:26). The song starts with keef’s watery guitar, and nice piano from longtime stones keyboardist nicky hopkins. A chorus joins in as the song builds, and their “ooo”s at 2:00, as keef and hopkins rise from the background, always give me chills. Then watts and the horns come in to lead the how to save lots of money fast song back to mick wailing with the choir about his how to save lots of money fast lost love until its bittersweet conclusion.

Its lyrics are about 60s activist and intellectual angela davis, and her alleged involvement in a courthouse shooting, for which she was later acquitted. The clattering percussion and acoustic guitar give the song a how to save lots of money fast front-porch feel, and mick and keef’s harmonies are fantastic. The song also features mick’s harmonica playing, which richards has always raved about. Mick’s harp is also featured on the honky-tonk “ sweet virginia,” robert johnson’s blues standard “ stop breaking down,” and the fun rave-up “ turd on the run.” the album has some of mick’s most brilliant overall work.

Keith played guitar and bass and cut the song in how to save lots of money fast a matter of minutes with producer jimmy miller on drums how to save lots of money fast and bobby keys on maracas. His voice strains and whines perfectly on lead vocals about how to save lots of money fast the type of love he needs, and he plays a nice lead guitar and bass line how to save lots of money fast throughout. The rest of the band’s parts were added later. Keith’s harmonizing, I’ll say again, is also phenomenal on the album. On “ casino boogie,” he provides the bass line and the harmonies. “casino boogie” is one of the simple, bluesy gems on the record, along with “ shake your hips” and “ ventilator blues.” they’re songs that, along with the rip-roarin’ stomper “ rip this joint,” remind you that the rolling stones started out as a how to save lots of money fast full-on blues act.

It begins with an acoustic guitar and is filled in how to save lots of money fast with a honky-tonk piano, and mick again uses his best country/western twang on the vocals. The bass line is terrific, another instance of mick taylor filling in for bill wyman. The performance sounds as torn and frayed as the band how to save lots of money fast in the lyrics, creating a sense of wobbly-yet-satisfactory production that provides a charm to many of the how to save lots of money fast songs. There’s a great pedal steel guitar solo from guest al how to save lots of money fast perkins about 1:45, and a subtle organ throughout played by trumpet man jim how to save lots of money fast price.

The album ends with two great songs that really bring how to save lots of money fast the entire piece to a brilliant conclusion. My only complaint is that I’d have put the closing song, “ soul survivor,” second-to-last. It’s a great song, in which current stones jagger, richards and watts are the only band members to play. The lyrics profess jagger’s desire to remain with his loved one regardless of how to save lots of money fast the peril. And it’s got great backing vocals, just like the song I wish was the album closer: “shine a light.”

The song opens with piano by billy preston and jagger’s inspired vocals. His voice shines on this one, as does preston’s organ. Mick’s really good on these gospel-inspired songs. Given the well-known problems richards had with heroin, and the imagery in the song, I wonder if this is a song that mick wrote how to save lots of money fast about keith. The bass line rolls along, and there’s dispute as to whether wyman or taylor played it. It’s a moving song, with a great guitar by taylor running throughout. As voices and instruments are added, the song turns from a song of concern for a how to save lots of money fast friend to a a song of inspiration. I love the breakdown about 3:00, and how it picks back up. It’s truly a great one.